5 Ways to get the most out of your Cycling Class in Brookhaven

Are you looking for the best way to get the most out of each cycling class? Follow these five tips to make sure you’re maximizing every minute at the gym.

At Burn Studios in Brookhaven and Buckhead, our different cycling (spin) classes allow you to choose what type of workout you’re looking for. Visit us today to try an indoor cycling class for yourself.

5 Ways to get the most out of your Cycling Class in Brookhaven

Always Arrive Early

Even if you’re a pro when it comes to cycling, always arrive early. Since you’re attending a cycling class, you might get a different bike than the one you’re used to. Arriving early will give you enough time to warm up and adjust your bike. Simple things like adjusting the saddle and handlebar height (they should be at hip height), checking your alignment, and wearing proper cycling clothes can all help you optimize your workout.

Giving yourself the right amount of time to adjust your bike and get ready for the class will help reduce distractions during your workout.

Don’t Compete With Your Cycling Neighbor

It can be hard not to compare your session with the person next to you, but doing that will only distract you from your own workout. You know your body and your limits the best. Set reasonable expectations for what you want to get out of the workout session, and make meeting those goals your priority. Reaching your own goal is always better than trying to reach someone else’s goal, especially if you don’t know the background behind their goals.

When you show up for your next cycling class, think about your reasonable expectations and save your competition for another time.

Listen To Your Instructor

Your instructor is an instructor for a reason. When they tell you to turn up the resistance on your bike, listen! If you bike for too long without the proper resistance, you can actually cause injuries to your joints. When you don’t listen to your instructor, not only are you cheating yourself, but you’re also setting yourself up for the potential of injury.


Up The Burn

A cycling class provides an intense workout. But to make sure you’re getting the most burn out of your class, don’t be afraid to crank it up. Cycling gives you a powerful cardio workout, but also make sure that your thigh muscles aren’t doing all the work! With each pedal, focus on keeping your foot flat against the pedal (something that cycling shoes help with). This footing utilizes your glutes and hips, giving you a great lower body workout. Also, keep your weight back toward your hips to reduce more pressure on those areas of your body.

Pick The Best Class

The length and intensity of each cycling class can vary based on which class you choose. At Burn Studios, our Burn Cycle is a 45-minute workout that takes place on the bikes with light upper body workouts. If you want a whole body workout, our 30/30 class gives you both upper and lower body focus. Every class starts with 30 minutes of high action cycling followed by 30 minutes of kickboxing, sculpting, or yoga to provide variation to your workout.

Make sure you know what you’re looking for with a cycling class and maximize your time at the gym.

Burn Studios

Get the most out of your cycling class when you visit Burn Studios in Brookhaven and Buckhead. If you’re ready to try your own cycling class, or if you’re a pro looking for a new place to try cycling, visit one of our locations and get five classes for $55.

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