Benefits of Strength Training: 5 Reasons to Start Today!

There are a lot of misconceptions about strength training.

Some people are worried it will bulk them up. Others are simply intimidated by weights themselves. How do they know which ones to use, where to start, when to move up, or which exercises to do?

Unless you are a bodybuilder, strength training won’t bulk you up. Instead, it is one of the best ways to torch fat, get in shape and support your overall health and wellness.

If you’re new to strength training or it’s been a while, taking a strength training class in Midtown Atlanta is the best way to ensure you are moving safely while using the right weight for your fitness level.

The team at BURN Studios can break down the process, making it more understandable and enjoyable.

Still not convinced? Today, you’ll learn about some of the benefits of this form of exercise.

Benefits of Strength Training: 5 Reasons to Start Today!

5 Benefits of Strength Training – Why You Should Start Training Right Away

Here are just five reasons why it is a good idea to add strength training to your workout routine.

1. Strengthening Muscles Helps You Burn Fat

When your muscles are fired up during a workout you end up revving up your metabolism. You burn more calories, and even more fat, by incorporating weights.

In fact, when you add a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout to your routine, you end up burning more calories during your workout and for a longer period of time after your workout than you would with cardio alone.

2. Improve your mental health

What benefits the body benefits the brain. Just like a muscle, your brain has the capacity to change itself. It trains you to believe you are capable of reaching new levels of mental and physical strength.

Strength training also elevates the level of endorphins your brain releases. After a strength training class, you’ll experience a positive mood spike. A happy body promotes a happy mind!

3. You’ll Improve Balance and Reduce Your Risk of Injury

Reducing your risk of injury is important if you’re going to keep going after your fitness goals, whether you’re training for a marathon or simply wanting to lose the last 5 pounds.

Keeping your muscles strong keeps you well-balanced, which means you’re less likely to fall or injure yourself in some other way while working out or just walking down the street.

4. Strength Training Can Make Your Bones Stronger

Regardless of age, strength training improves bone density. Over time it helps to not only maintain bone mass but can even build new bone. It’s extremely important to protect your muscles and ensure they stay strong throughout your life.

5. Your Energy Levels Will Increase

Do you suffer from a lack of energy? It may be time to switch up your workout routine.

Like cardio exercise, strength training releases endorphins in the brain, which not only makes you happier, but it can lead to improved energy levels.

Sometimes, your body and brain get bored with the same old exercises. When you switch things up and add a new component – like weights – into your routine, it keeps things fresh. This, in turn, keeps your brain interested and alert.

How BURN Studios Can Help You Reach Your Strength and Cardio Goals

One of the best ways to up your fitness level, burn fat, and gain strength is to take classes that help you incorporate a mix of cardio and strength training.

At BURN Studios, you can take your pick of classes that mix these two important forms of exercise. You’ll find these classes will help you succeed in two ways.

First, the combination of cardio and strength training exercises burn more fat and calories, turning you into a fat-burning machine.

Second, they’re super fun. You’ll feel motivated to work out if you enjoy it!

The more you enjoy something – and the more impactful the actual exercise class really is – the more likely you are to see results.

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