Choosing The Right Cycling Class In Brookhaven

Do you know what you’re looking for when it comes to a cycling class? There are a lot of things to consider before joining a gym or signing up for a cycling class. That’s why we’re here to help!

At Burn Studios in Brookhaven, we know how important it is to love your gym and cycling class cohort. That’s why we’ve found some tips for helping you choose the right cycling class. Consider these different aspects, and compare them with our own cycling class offerings. When you’re ready, make sure you sign up for one of our cycling classes, including our Burn Cycle or 30/30 workouts.

Choosing The Right Cycling Class In Brookhaven

Find The Right Cycling Class

When it comes to finding the right cycling class, here are some important things to consider. From the instructors to the space and your mindset, all of these factors play an important part of what you get out of your workout.

Motivated Instructors

How do you like the instructor? Are they happy to be there? Are they good at keeping energy and morale high, even when you’re at your breaking point physically?

The energy that an instructor brings to their cycling class can impact the mood of the entire space. It’s important to find an instructor that constantly motivates you to work harder than you thought you could.


An important aspect of any cycling class is both the energy you go in with and the energy you come out with. What kind of community is created in your cycling class? Does the class and instructor make you feel like you’re part of a group?

If you find a sense of community within your cycling class, then you look forward to coming back for the next session — and the next one. Studios adding additional elements, like high-energy music and great instructors, foster that sense of community and turn your cycling class from a workout into an impactful experience.


This might seem like something small, but is the studio clean when you go to the gym? Cleanliness is a good indication of how much the studio cares about its customers, instructors, and their space. This also translates to the equipment. How clean and maintained is your bike?

The Right Price

Does the gym offer a wide range of classes? Can you get a membership that includes all of those sessions? What are you looking to get out of your gym membership?

If you’re going to pay more for a membership, make sure you’re getting access to the right cycling class for you. At Burn Studios, a membership gives you access to our cycling classes, in addition to kickboxing, yoga, and our other fitness class offerings.


Sign Up For A Cycling Class At Burn Studios In Brookhaven

We hope that these different tips will make it easier to evaluate if you’ve found a powerful cycling class.

When it comes to cycling classes, Burn Studios in Brookhaven meets all of these requirements. From an energetic staff to our amazing cycling classes, we pride ourselves in creating the best workout experience through our fitness class offerings. Become a member today and start experiencing the burn that is Burn Studios in Brookhaven!

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