Experience The Benefits of Restorative Yoga This Spring

Spring is the perfect time to start getting to the gym and fitting in all of those fitness classes you’ve been avoiding during the colder winter months.

While restorative yoga is not usually at the top of the list for powerful, sweat-inducing workouts, you should consider adding yoga classes to your workout schedule this spring.

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Experience The Benefits of Restorative Yoga This Spring

What Is Restorative Yoga?

Restorative yoga creates a space for you to slow down and open your body through stretching and different yoga poses. But, unlike other yoga classes, restorative yoga consists of putting your body into different poses and holding those poses for an extended period of time. To accomplish these poses, you might use different yoga props like blocks, bolsters, blankets, or straps.

While this type of slow, relaxing yoga might feel counterintuitive when it comes to workouts, restorative yoga actually exposes your muscles to long periods of stretching. As a result, you will loosen up your body and reduce cortisol levels in your body (higher cortisol levels are linked to higher fat levels).

There Are Many Health Benefits To Restorative Yoga

The health benefits from restorative yoga provides you with plenty of reasons to try out a restorative yoga — or any type of yoga — class for yourself.

Balance Your Mind

Like with other yoga classes, a restorative yoga session will help clear your mind. Use those longer poses to feel the tension in your body and release it. During that tension, also think about the places in your body where you hold your stress.

Manage Pain

If you experience chronic or intermittent pain, restorative yoga will target your muscles and help provide certain pain. In fact, the more you practice yoga, the more likely you are to help combat that pain.

Lose Weight

The common stereotype of yoga not being a “real” workout is simply not true— especially if you try a Yoga Sculpt class from Burn Studios. As we mentioned earlier, studies have shown a reduction in cortisol levels following restorative yoga sessions, providing you an experience that helps your body regulate itself.

Increase Flexibility

Since you’re taking the time to slow down and stretch your muscles, you will notice an increase in your flexibility. The more restorative yoga sessions you try, the deeper you can go into the poses because your muscles are able to release that tension.

Slow Down

This is perhaps the basic idea of restorative yoga — slow down! When you take time to focus on restoring your body and releasing the stress and tension in your body, you will start to see the benefits in your everyday life.

The slow movements of restorative yoga give you time to explore your mind and body and you move in and out of those different poses.

Try Yoga At Burn Studios

At Burn Studios in Brookhaven and Buckhead, we offer three types of yoga classes: Burn Body, Yoga Sculpt, and Prenatal Yoga.

If you’re looking for yoga that will help you feel relaxed, refreshed, and restored, our Burn Body is a low-impact yoga that will help you focus on your muscles and calm your mind. Check out our yoga classes and use our class schedule to book now!

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