How To Find The Right Fitness Center In Brookhaven

When it comes to choosing a fitness center, it can be hard to know which factors should help influence your final decision.

At Burn Studios in Brookhaven, we work hard to provide a powerful experience that combines kickboxing, yoga, and cycling classes into one gym. Once you’re ready to join, you can browse our different workout classes online!

How To Find The Right Fitness Center In Brookhaven

What We Can Offer You

It might seem like you have to go to a lot of “wrong” fitness centers before finding the right one. But at Burn Studios, we pride ourselves in our instructors and classes. Stop by our gym first so you can stop cycling through gyms that aren’t right for you!

Use our list below to see what factors you should weigh before deciding on a fitness center, and what unique amenities our gym can offer!

Gym Mindset

What is the goal or priority of the gym you’re looking at?

We believe that working out and workout classes should be fun, dynamic, motivating, and accessible. That’s the mindset behind all of our cycling, kickboxing, and yoga classes. You can choose from a wide range of classes and be surprised each time at the community and passion you’ll see from instructors and other gym members.

The Instructors

What kind of instructors lead workout classes? What energy and passions do they bring to each session?

At Burn Studios, we have a wide range of motivated and energetic instructors. Our entire team of instructors love what they do, helping to foster that excitement and enthusiasm within each of their workout classes.

The Variety Of Workout Classes

What kind of workout classes are you looking for? What kinds of classes does the gym offer?

With Burn Studios, you get kickboxing, yoga, and cycling all in one gym. This variety of workout classes allows you to add change up your weekly workout schedule with a balance of yoga classes to increase flexibility and our high-cardio cycling classes.

The Music

Do you work out better in silence or with high-energy music?

When it comes to our workout classes, we use high-energy music to pump you up and help build the high-intensity workout we’re going for. Couple that powerful music with our energized instructors and you have a cardio session that will help you burn more calories and leave you sweating!

Other Amenities

If you’re spending a lot of time at the gym, it’s important to make the most out of it. That’s why we offer shoes, water, towels, fully-stocked changing rooms, private showers, digital lockers, and a cold lavender-scented towel for after your workout. Beyond that, we provide everything you need for kickboxing and yoga classes so you don’t have to worry about forgetting your equipment at home!

Multiple Locations

Are you looking for a gym with a variety of locations? Or just one location?

Burn Studios is conveniently located in both Brookhaven and Buckhead so you can choose the location closest to you.


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Let these different gym features help you distinguish the right gym from the wrong one!

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