What To Expect The First Time You Visit Burn Studios In Buckhead

It’s time for your first workout class at Burn Studios in Buckhead. Are you prepared? Do you know what to wear?

If you’re a workout class pro, then you’ve probably done this a hundred times before. But if you’re jumping in and trying this workout class thing for the first time, then we’re here to help you prepare.

Just read through our list of what to expect and walk into that first fitness class like you’ve done it a dozen times before. And if you’re looking for a gym where you can sign up for kickboxing, cycling, and yoga all in one place, become a member at Burn Studios in Buckhead!

What To Expect The First Time You Visit Burn Studios In Buckhead

Know What To Expect

Do you know what to expect during our workout classes at Burn Studios in Buckhead? This list will help you look and be prepared for whatever workout class you’re taking.

Motivated Sign Up In Advance

Sometimes workout classes fill up, so you want to plan ahead to make sure you get a space in a class you want! At Burn Studios, if the class you’re looking at is full, you can always add yourself to the waitlist and we’ll let you know when/if a spot opens up.

Don’t Forget To Bring…

A water bottle to stay hydrated! Burn Studios provides cycling shoes, kickboxing gloves, and yoga mats for our different sessions. But if you have your own — or would like to purchase the brand we use at Burn Studios — you can bring your own workout gear as well!

Arrive Early

It’s also a good rule of thumb to arrive early so you don’t miss out on your session. If you’re trying one of our workout classes for the first time, make sure you arrive around 20 minutes before so you have time to orient yourself and find the right equipment you need for the class. You can also meet your instructor beforehand ask any additional questions, such as accommodations for injuries.

Dress Appropriately

At Burn Studios, we offer three different types of workout classes — cycling, kickboxing, and yoga — so your outfit choice depends on the type of class you’re taking.

Yoga: Yoga requires a lot of different poses and positions. For yoga, you’ll want form-fitting clothes that will move easily with your body as you rest into different poses, like downward dog or warrior.

Kickboxing: Wear versatile clothing that is easy to move around in since you’ll be kickboxing for the entire session.

Cycling: We recommend shorter pants or leggings. Long pants that flair out have the potential of getting caught in the pedals of your bike.


Schedule Enough Time

Make sure you know how long your session is going to be before you arrive. This will allow you to set expectations for the class and not worry about the time.

Most of our classes range from 45 minutes to one hour, but you can always check to make sure you’ve scheduled your workout classes correctly!

Burn Studios in Buckhead

We hope that these tips will help you feel prepared for your first workout class!

Feel the burn with our cycling, kickboxing, and yoga workout classes at Burn Studios in Buckhead. Start the burn and browse our class schedule to find workout classes that fit your schedule.

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