burn cycle class

Burn Cycle

45-minute workout that features a series of hills, flats, downhills, sprints, and a light upper body workout all spun out to high energy music.

BURN’s cycling room was engineered to ensure there are no bad seats so you’ll always feel connected to the instructor. Step into the ultimate stadium-seated cycle studio and BURN insane calories to a 45-minute workout featuring a series of hills, flats, sprints, race simulations and a light upper body workout – all spun out to high energy music. Screens display real time stats providing instant feedback on your ride (if you opt in). For the competitive and for added fun, the system will even let you compete against other riders. And after each workout, your stats are available via your BURN app or website so you can track all your progress over time and earn monthly BURN Rewards!

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BurnBox class


Full-body, fat-burning, muscle-toning kickboxing workout that blends the use of heavy bags with strikes, kicks, core and interval training.

This class is fun, high energy, and combines the benefits of a head-to-toe workout, balance, coordination, and cardiovascular fitness. A 45-minute full-body, fat-burning, muscle-toning workout that blends the use of heavy bags with strikes, kicks, core and interval training. Be sure to try all the instructors, as each brings a unique style and energy that will inspire you to keep on BURNing!

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yoga/sculpt class


Our Yoga and Sculpt classes are for everyone, combining the benefits of instant gratification with long-lasting wellness.

Yoga postures strengthen your body from the inside-out, so you don’t just look good, you feel better too. We offer THREE types of yoga: Burn Body, the perfect low impact complement to any other workout, this class focuses on the muscles most used by BURN athletes, concentrating on quads, hamstrings, and shoulders. Effective as a stand-alone class or immediately following Burn Cycle, BurnBox™ or any activity of your choosing! Then try Yoga Sculpt, a class unique to BURN that combines the benefits of Pilates, barre, weights and yoga to create a perfectly balanced full body workout. Those who don’t think of Yoga as a “real” workout will be in for a pleasant surprise! Our third offering, Prenatal Yoga, is designed to enhance your pregnancy and postpartum journey. Class includes strengthening of the pelvic floor, hips, legs, and glutes; hip opening; breathwork; and stretching and relaxation. Practicing prenatal and postpartum yoga can help reduce stress, increase energy, improve circulation, reduce musculoskeletal pain and strain, prepare mothers for birth, and help in healing and toning postpartum

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Cross Burn class

Cross Burn

CrossBURN is a unique class to BURN that features a circuit of full body high impact training stations, kickboxing, and core.

Performed to timed rounds, this class provide an effective full body cross-training workout that will leave your muscles BURNing in the best way possible!

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30/30 classes


Get the best of both worlds with our 30/30 classes. 30 minutes of high action cycling immediately followed by kickboxing, sculpt or yoga.

Some of our most popular classes at BURN, you'll feel like a badass every time and go home feeling sweaty, balanced, and accomplished.

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strength class


Burn Strength combines multiple rounds of TRX, heavier weights, and plyometrics to strengthen your body from head to toe.

With timed rounds, you’ll be experiencing multiple stations concentrating on different muscle groups as well as your core. Get ripped, get strong, get BURNed!

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